Website Redesign

Website Redesign Costs – is it worth?

Affordable website Redesign Costs.Give your site more than just a fresh coat of paint, give it a whole new life! You will have less than 10 seconds to make an impression on your visitor before they decide if they want to stay longer or hit the back button and go visit someone else’s web page.

Website RedesignAnd if you’re a business owner and your website is not helping bring people in, your website might be actually hurting your bottom line rather than helping it. We can help you with your website redesign and give it the face lift that you’ve been planning.

Nothing like a new design!

Your image is everything – make sure you look awesome!

Your website might be working fine, is it looking up to date? How does it compare to that of your competitors? Nowadays, with all the options that your visitors have, the appearance of your website is among the most important aspects of presenting your site. Web Designer Express can help you with your website redesign and give it the face lift that you’ve been planning, but haven’t gotten around to yet. With over 5 years of experience, our satisfied customers are proof to the quality of our work

How much does a website redesign cost?

We pride ourselves on our prices. We are the most affordable website redesign company in Kenya. The prices for a website redesign can vary depending on what kind of alterations you are looking to have done on the site. The cost of redesigns can range from around Ksh 16,000 upwards  The biggest factors that can influence the price range are how big your current website is, how big do you want to expand it to, and what features are you looking to add.

We would love to have to look at your site and discuss what are needs and wants. Give us a call now

Whats the BEST time to re-design my website?

As a general rule most companies should think about redesigning their sites every 2-3 years. Even if your website is performing well, you would most likely see a big boost on leads if you were to revisit the design of your site. On the internet things change from year to year. Sometimes very little, but often times by the end of that second year the difference is enough to bring a site that used to be found on the first page to the 10th or even farther away result page of a search. Not to mention the how the design trends tend to change over time.

A good example of this was when Google released their mobile-friendly update in April 2015. This update made it so when someone is searching for something through their smartphone or tablet, only websites that were mobile-friendly (websites that had an optimized version for viewing on mobile) would appear first on the search results. Since over 60% of Google searches come from phones and tablets, this affected so many business and companies.

What are the benefits redesigning your site?

Some of the benefits of redesigning your website:

1) It will get your website up-to-date on the latest design trends, giving a fresh new look that will bring you to a even playing field with your competitors
2) It can help your site get a better ranking on organic search results.
3) It can improve user experience, which can result in more conversions from visitor to client.



Website Redesign Services.

Royal Web Experts is the leading provider of customized and affordably-priced graphic design and website design services. We are focused web design agency, highly committed to deliver most favorable Internet site designing, Blogs/ website design & development solutions that meet our client´s needs perfectly.

We have creative designers who are fully prepared with all the possible tools and techniques in order to ensure the best outcomes ever. We combine unmatched creativity and innovation with state-of-the-art user-friendly and functional design that is sufficient enough to produce the business you need.

Website Redesign Cost in KenyaWhy Our Web Designing Services Are Worth: They are

  • Fresh, meaningful and user-friendly.
  • Unique, Stylish and Impactious to the world.
  • Our work is delivered on time.
  • Our Work is always within our client´s budget.
  • We pride ourselves on helping our clients to keep ahead in the business through our highly  effective and Guaranteed web design Services.

Our kind, happy and humble customer support team would love to answer your questions. Send us an email or call to speak with an actual human.

We specialize in designing Truly innovative, thoughtful, Eye Catching, effective and well Customized websites.
Additionally, We don’t rest by just providing you great designs. We design and then add impressive and relevant content. We know what readers look for, what they want, and how they go about it.
We Have Specialized Technicians for Our services who will always leave Our clients 100% Satisfied:


Looking for something Fresh?? We will redesign your website at a Pocket friendly Price.

Web Development. Yes, we do It all: CMS content Management Systems on Joomla and WordPress. E-commerce Business Websites.

Responsive Web plan.We thank you for choosing to go 100 steps ahead of your competitors. Enrich user experience by ensuring your website can adapt to Mobile Tablets and De signs.We work closely with all our clients until they get the look and functionality they want from their Websites.

Website Designers in Nairobi KenyaWe plan, We Create and Deliver Web Solutions with the Best Customer Experience that Transforms You and Grows your Business.

Important.!!! Your website is the key representative of your company /Business. Where you cannot reach personally, your website will always Reach…..Just in a matter of seconds. Reasonably your website is part of a dynamic environment. The so called the internet.

Website Designers in KenyaFirst impressions can be the lasting impression, fatal in cases where visitors to a site come across websites without a solid design and content. Visitors to your site can often make or break the popularity of your site. Therefore, it’s extremely important to have a Great, Appealing and user Friendly website design.

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