Search Engine Optimization. When a specific set of factors is used to optimize for website rankings, it is referred to as Search Engine Optimization.  The purpose of SEO is to raise your website or blog to the top of the organic results. “Organic results” refers to the sites listed on the page that are not at the top due to paid advertising. Search engines are regularly used by the millions of people on a daily basis. You need to make sure they know you near the top, so you can be found. Why SEO is critical to your website:

  • Reaching the Top 5 – most people searching don’t look past the top 5 listings.
  • Trust – Users trust websites that rank high.
  • Social Media Shares – People who visit sites they like often share them to their Facebook pages and other Social Media channels.

Search Engine Optimization

Why search engine optimization? 99% of Web Users use Search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing, etc. to search Online on What they are looking for. These are among the most used sites because of their capability of providing users information for what they are looking for. Hence, it’s very important to have your website registered in the catalog of the search engine websites. Consequently, this makes certain that your website appears in Browsers Search Console results.


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